The Skylark Hotel Collection

The 2019 Skylark Hotel Collection

The 2019 Skylark Hotel Collection is the joint hotel program that serves Ovation Vacations, Skylark and our network of ICs and affiliates. Leveraging the size and production of Ovation and the ingenuity of Skylark, the Skylark Hotel Collection offers traditional agency benefits like activation and connection with a network of over 260 luxury leisure agents and their clients, as well as innovative new benefits like limited-access digital marketing opportunities and exposure to new client pools and marketing platforms.

The Skylark Hotel Collection: access and reach

Partners have access to three distinctly separate audiences:

  • Ovation Vacations agents and ICs, and Skylark agents
  • Clients of Skylark who prefer to book online but want high-touch service
  • Clients of Ovation Vacations and previously untapped Ovation Corporate Travel clients


Ovation Corporate Travel is an independently owned, $1 billion travel management company with experienced travel consultants in more than 30 locations throughout the United States. Ovation Corporate Travel and Lawyers Travel have over 400 corporate travel professionals who specialize in managing business travel for 700+ professional service firms including law firms, financial services firms and consulting firms. Out of Ovation Travel Group’s 250,000 travelers, we have an estimated 75,000 high-end travelers with an established track-record of luxury travel patterns.


Ovation Vacations is a full-service, 5-star luxury travel agency committed to providing the best value and personalized advice. There are 250+ leisure travel consultants, including independent contractors, specializing in managing vacations, multi-generational travel, weddings and honeymoons for high-net-worth clients. Ovation Vacations brings more than $130 million sales volume for leisure travel. Six Ovation agents have been named to this year’s travel and leisure A LIst, the most of any agency.


Skylark members have the capability to plan and book their own vacations online with as much or as little expert agent assistance as they'd like. Every booking, regardless of how complex or how simple, is facilitated by one of our in-house agents. At any point in the trip process, agents connect with clients to alert them about applicable promotions, upgrades or better options. Every booking has, at minimum, three points of contact between Skylark agents and the client. At any point—from deciding on a destination to getting home from the airport—members can text, email, call or chat right on the site with our team for assistance, advice or just for assurance that they are in good hands.

Bookings and Bundled Vacations

Vacations are sold on Skylark in two ways:

  • Hotel stays. Hotels booked without flights shown at BAR
  • Trips. Hotels bundled with flights and presented as a single, opaquely priced package.

By pairing luxury hotels with our unique, privately negotiated air contracts, Skylark is able to deliver easy to shop and book vacations that are of value to our members, while maintaining fully opaque rates and your brand's integrity.

Partner With Us

When our hotel partners succeed, so do we. With that in mind, we’ve redesigned our marketing and partnership platforms to elevate our partners across all marketing channels, expand their brand exposure and agent awareness and advance revenue goals throughout 2019.